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272-bed acute care Hospital
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                                                                                           "Radiation-Free" Mammography, per 3-Tesla MRI
                                                                              FDA cleared cord blood stem cells for Autism, HIV, MS. . .
Message from the Founder . . .        ABC 6 /Fox 28 TV Clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w5LF6vZu9g    under construction 
 Dinesh Garg, Ph.D., M.D.           

           We strive to redefine patient-care everyday through efficient delivery and cost-effective measures. It is this type of relentless accountability that we execute patient-care to benchmark success. We constantly challenge traditional methods and push barriers of innovation, continuously seeking 'no-harm' ways to ensure objectives of patient-care stay fulfilled and follow-ups are served.  We are committed to saving lives, delivering positive results and improving others in the activities of daily living with this unparalleled in-patient acute care hospital that cultivates a forward thinking, a progressive environment and above all, a Caring attitude.


KSM Clinic new ground-up 272-bed hospital is under construction, to provide:

A. Diagnostic Radiology, using 3-Tesla MRI, 640-CT, 500-Ultrasound, Digital, portable wireless X-ray, Dexascan, etc.  (“Radiation-Free” Mammography; Non-invasive Cardiac Evaluation; Complete Colon Examination, as per 3-Tesla MRI)

B. Standard Surgeries in 8 full-size Operating Rooms, using General Anesthesia: General and Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic, Cardiac and Neurosurgery, etc.  (Gall Bladder, Polyp, Hernia, Slipped Disk, Shunt, Tumor, Valve, Blood Vessel, Joint,)

C. Bone Marrow Transplants, Every Week, using Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells, "freshly" collected immediately after the delivery (we don't use "stored" cord blood) for Leukemia, Anemia, etc. (FDA Approved)

D. Maternity, with 2 full-size Operating Rooms, and 20 full suites for mother, new-born baby, partner, bathroom, TV, etc.

We Eliminate Unnecessary Corporate C-level Management Layers (and Errors) between the patients and their doctor for direct accountability.  Therefore, Complete Autonomy and Higher Quality at Lower patient Charges.

Complete Transparency: We post patient procedure charges on the hospital bulletin board and on the website.  We don’t itemize patient charges, it’s All-in-One low-priced complete package from hospital admission to discharge home.

All Doctors are FTE, on an Annual Salary; we carry malpractice umbrella (PL + GL); and we provide 100% medical, dental and optical insurance for All employees, spouse and children.

Free-of-Charge for All FTE: Insurance, Office, Office Help, Food at the “Restaurant-Quality” Hospital Cafeteria, open 24/7 (Hospital operates 24 x 7), etc.

Insurance Companies favor Higher Quality at Lower Charges, and prefer All-in-One complete package for patient charges.

About Us

Founder, Owner & President
: Dr. Dinesh Garg



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